Friday, November 24, at 9 pm

Theater Signorelli – Cortona, Italy


The Simply Woman Award (Premio Semplicemente Donna) intends to award recognition to important and significant female characters, who are distinguished by their skills in each sector of expertise and with social and cultural significance in civil society: a way to combat violence against women and to celebrate the achievements and goals of "simply" extraordinary women.

This year, the award will also go to the AFTER Project. Through the creation of partnerships and networks between local associations, the project has mapped existing services and policies across Europe to counteract female genital mutilation and implemented both empowerment paths for women, girls and men focused in particular on the right to physical integrity and awareness-raising against the practice.   

"A fundamental part of the work that the AFTER project has pursued in the areas of intervention is awareness raising and information on the phenomenon of female genital mutilation - declares Livia Zoli Head of Policy and Lobby Unit ActionAid Italy, who will retire the award – To rais awareness around the problem, prevention solutions and responses to a wider audience is crucial to raising awareness of both European citizenza and migrant people. The occasion given to us by the Simply Woman Prize is particularly valuable in this regard.”

Female genital mutilation is a global phenomenon that involves at least 200 million girls and women in 30 countries and constitutes a serious violation of their fundamental rights. A problem that concerns Europe too: according to the European Parliament, there would be 500,000 women who have been mutilated and live in the continent and 180,000 women at risk. 

For more information on the Project you can watch the video produced by one of our Champions for Change Eleonora Cirant and join the campaign against female genital mutilation.