Power processes on women’s body

Corpo – Libertà di scelta
Processi di potere sul corpo delle donne

The event of July, 7th at the Occupation (i.e. site taken up by migrant communities in this case) in S. Croce, Rome can be defined as a great sharing occurrence. There has been a great 2-hours debate with the participation of three Tanzanian delegates – Scholastica Haule, Sarah Mwaga and Rahel Msagala.
Giulia D’Aguanno – Project Manager of AFTER in Rome  - and Emiliano Monteverde – Council member of the 1st municipality in Rome were also present.


Roma - 2017-07-07


A very positive moment was the Question-Answer time. The public came in with interesting questions and created a singular sharing experience. Cinzia Greco – of Aida sprar Colleferro - expressed clearly the need, not only to integrate migrant women, but also  to inform them about the rights they have and make them aware of what their specific health rights are. Furthermore, she underlined the importance of the fact that FGM/C could be any kind of a factor to confer the status of refugee.

Emiliano Monteverde explained the various activities of the 1st municipality in Rome for migrant women and migrant communities in general, such as the organisation of different meetings on sexual and reproductive health of women inside the Occupation.  In the 1st municipality there is a center indeed, called  SA.MI.FO., which promotes health safeguard of forced migrants and it is specifically organized for this purpose.

The event ended with the drama performance Women crossing: storie di sabbia e di mare directed by Alessandra Cutolo with an all-female perspective.

The event brought together migrant communities of different origins and people inside and outside the Occupation. Everyone looking towards the same direction: fighting the FGM/C.