The AFTER project first and foremost objective is to fight FGM/C among migrant communities from countries where it is practiced and considered a tradition. The second objective is to increase awareness among local policy makers and general public about the existing risk for migrant women and girls and how to prevent it.

In order to contribute to these objectives, we want to create in Italy, Spain, Ireland and Sweden the Champions for Change Network: a European group of activists, policy and decision makers, influential people in the community (religious leaders and community leaders), as well as “Youths Against FGM/C” and “Citizens Against FGM/C” who will advocate and speak out against Female Genital Mutilation.

The mission of a Champion for Change is to raise awareness and take actions around the FGM/C practice, to endorse project’s objectives in order to advocate for concrete measures to prevent and combat FGM/C in a local, national and EU level, and to inform migrant communities on the European territory on the existing risk for migrant women and girls and how to prevent it.

If you want to learn more about our Campaign in Italy, Spain, Ireland and Sweden, please click on the flags below:


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Elizabeth - Program Manager for the rights of women in ActionAid Liberia.

"Most of our work on women's rights is based women's empowerment, for girls and women to claim their rights and reject all forms of gender-based violence".

Elizabeth is the Programme Manager for the rights of women in ActionAid Liberia and has clear ideas on how to combat all forms of violence against women, including the practice of female genital mutilation, which still affects 200 million people worldwide. (read more)


Dinah - Program Manager of ActionAid Kenya

"My fight against female genital mutilation (FGM) began 25 years ago, when I was 15. My cousin wanted to undergo this practice and I managed to save her by making her talk to my father, being a teacher, he was well informed about the consequences and therefore he was contrary this practice. (read more)


Sadia - Director of ActionAid Somaliland

"I was very young when I began to ask: Why is it happening? Because people are fine with girls suffering? ".

Sadia is a Director of ActionAid Somaliland; the country where female genital mutilation (FGM)- a practice that violates human rights, as well as being extremely painful and dangerous to the physical and mental health of the sufferer, is still practiced on 97% of women and girls. (read more)