A testimony tour for each of the African Associated Partners involved in the AFTER Project will be organised in order to share the successes and challenges of the strategies used in fighting FGM/C in their countries. Each tour will aim at strengthening the advocacy and sensitisation activities targeting migrant communities foreseen by the Project.
These Associate Partners include: ActionAid Kenya, ActionAid Kenya, ActionAid Senegal, ActionAid Somaliland, ActionAid Tanzania and ActionAid Uganda.
There will be a total of five tours and each tour will be comprised of a team composed by one member of the African Associated partner and  two spokespersons (FGM witnesses, religious leaders, cultural leaders, local decision/opinion makers, ex-circumcisers, girls and women from Africa who have been involved in programmes against FGM) travelling in Europe, on the premises of the European project partners. 
In Europe each tour will attend informative events on FGM/C, documentary shooting, Girl’s Clubs, Men’s forum and European events where the team will act as catalysts to produce cultural changes around the FGM/C issues.

1° Testimony Tour – Uganda

2-12 May 2017 Spain

2° Testimony Tour - Kenya

16-21 June 2017 Belgium and 21-26 June 2017 Ireland



3° Testimony Tour – Tanzania

2-13 July 2017 Italy

4° Testimony Tour – Somaliland

25-29 September 2017 Sweden and 1-4 October 2017 Belgium

5° Testimony Tour – Senegal

 9-12 October 2017 Spain and 13-17 October 2017 Italy

6° Testimony Tour – Liberia

 5-12 February 2018 Ireland and 14th February 2018 Spain